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Take Five of the Best Clinical Trials Blogs

[fa icon="calendar"] January 12, 2021 / by the SimulTrans Team

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Now that we are well and truly into the new year we thought that we would take a moment to look back at some of our top posts specific to the translation of clinical trials.

Localization is a vast and, at times, complex process for any company and this selection of posts reflects that in its diversity.

To keep it simple we picked just 5 articles that you all found the most interesting and insightful. 

Why CRO companies should demand ISO 17100 certification from their LSP


ISO 17100 standard provides a framework through which it can then be expected that the final translation will reach a certain quality and meet customers' requirements. So far so good…you might say. But why is this standard so relevant for the translation industry?

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How to Achieve Speed, Accuracy & Affordability during the Translation of Global Clinical Trials

Translation of Global Clinical Trials-1

Here are the key elements that will help speed up the translation process of global clinical trials:

Any of the above things alone can help improve the process, but all of them combined will make the task of translating your global clinical trials easier and faster.

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Challenges in Medical Translation for Outsourcing Clinical Trials


In order to carry out the translation of clinical trial documents successfully, it is important to understand the requirements and potential pitfalls that come with medical translation.

  • Target Audience: Layperson or Medical Professional
  • Euphemisms, Medical Eponyms, Acronyms, and Synonyms in Medical Document Translation
  • Medical Drugs: Brand Name AND Chemical Name

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Tackling Medical Translation for Outsourcing Clinical Trials


Precautions you can take:

Before Translation

  • Check the qualifications for the medical translators. 
  • Provide reference materials to medical translators (e.g. research papers, reports from previous clinical trial phases, user manuals for medical devices, etc.). 
  • Provide glossaries.
  • Send files in their original file format

During Translation (tips for medical translators)

  • Keep in mind the target audience (either patients or medical professionals). 
  • Translate euphemisms, eponyms, acronyms, and synonyms correctly. 
  • Provide both the brand name and chemical name of medical drugs in target languages so that consumers in target audiences know what chemicals they are consuming. 
  • Research medical terms thoroughly. 

After Translation

  • Perform back translation (or reverse translation) whenever possible. 
  • Have translated medical content reviewed externally by a medical professional or layperson who is a native speaker of the target language.
  • Send changes back to your translator. 
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Contract Research Organizations: Selecting your Translation Partner

Contract Research Organizations Localization

What criteria should you consider to find the perfect translation services partner?

Choosing an established and accredited translation company is a crucial part of this service offering, after all your client relies on you and you on your translation company…

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