Our Translation Process Helps You Gain International Market Share

SimulTrans' streamlined, quality-oriented, and cost-effective process makes it easy for you to capitalize on increased international market share and profit. It’s time to choose a language service provider that meets your aggressive goals. Our team consists of localization and translation experts who will support your company’s global expansion efforts from day one.

1. Transfer Content

You connect your CMS or file repository or upload your files for translation. SimulTrans quickly provides a free quote for your approval.

2. Translate Text

SimulTrans' expert translators translate your content. Our reviewers revise it to make it just right, in your requested languages on your schedule.

3. Ensure Quality

We update your software files, format your documents, and test everything. You get localized files back in their original formats.

4. Sell More

You delight your international users with localized content, allowing you to increase your marketshare and revenue.


Why Choose SimulTrans?

SimulTrans is not a typical translation agency. We are a leading translation service provider, offering exceptional software, document, and website localization services. Thousands of companies around the world benefit from our localization services to release global products. Our professional multilingual translation services ensure that your brand message stays consistent in your target languages on a worldwide scale.
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Achieve aggressive timelines.

Our name, “SimulTrans” (amalgamation of “simultaneous” and “translation”), and slogan, “your languages – your timeline,” say it all. We will manage all your target languages simultaneously to meet your deadline.

Need to release your product internationally tomorrow, next week, next month? Just let us know the date we need to hit and we will use our vast and scalable international team to make it happen.

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Receive amazing quality.

We will consistently meet and exceed your high expectations for quality. SimulTrans has a comprehensive Quality Management System, including ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications and rigorous audits by accredited external certification firms.

Missing comma? Two-hour delivery delay? However small a quality issue is, we track it in our quality database, discuss it in a meeting, and take steps to correct it and prevent it.

Our SimulTrans project manager bends over backwards to support our constant stream of rush localization projects. This is critical to our success, and I greatly appreciate the wonderful support we receive.

Enterprise Storage Hardware Manufacturer

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Enterprise Storage Hardware Manufacturer
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Benefit from advanced technology.

SimulTrans' client portal and workflow system, SimulTracker, allows you to submit requests, track projects, download completed translations, and generate reports, all at no additional charge.

Connectors to 29 content management systems and file repositories enable you to link your applications directly to SimulTrans, route content for translation, and receive localized text without any manual file handling.

Throughout the process, SimulTrans employs advanced machine translation, translation memory, QA automation, and other applications in our localization technology suite.

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Love our super-friendly team.

SimulTrans’ account managers and project managers will make you happy. In the midst of hitting your project deadlines and ensuring high quality, they will still take time to wish you a nice weekend or hear about your daughter’s game-winning soccer goal. They will respond to you almost immediately, even late at night. They will foresee challenges and create contingency plans.

Our excellent team members are the driving force behind SimulTrans’ impressive 100% customer satisfaction rating in 2020.


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Overall, this was the best experience I have had with translation services in my 20+ years in industry.  Thank you very much!  

Bioresearch Equipment Manufacturer

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Bioresearch Equipment Manufacturer

How Can SimulTrans Help Your Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] What services does SimulTrans provide?

Of course we will do more than just translate the words in your software, document, or website. We will take whatever file format you give to us and return a translated version for each target language in the same format. There should be no need for you to copy and paste text between other formats for us to be able to work with it.

We also routinely test localized software and format translated documents. We can edit graphics, take new screen captures for each target language, and record localized audio. SimulTrans will do whatever is necessary to provide a fully localized product, document, or website that you can release internationally. Or, we can just do the translation and you can take care of the rest. We’re totally flexible.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What languages does SimulTrans support?

Pretty much all of them. We were translating into 110 languages 25 years ago and can handle even more now. Tell us what you need and we will take care of it. Or, just let us know where your users are located and we can help you figure out what languages and variants are appropriate.

The ten most frequently requested languages are Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Russian, and Dutch, in that order.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What are the qualifications of SimulTrans’ translators?

SimulTrans' translators are full-time professional translators, mostly located in the countries of their respective target languages. The majority work in offices together where they can collaborate.

All our translators have a minimum of five years of professional translation experience and hold higher-education degrees. They are subject-matter specialists who focus solely on translating content for their areas of expertise. We would never ask a translator to translate a medical device brochure one day and then a set of database software strings the next.

Just like our other staff members, SimulTrans’ translators are very stable, working with our company for an average of seven years. There are even a few still around from the company’s inception in 1984.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What localization technology does SimulTrans offer?

SimulTrans has amazing technology that you (and we) can use collaboratively to manage your localization projects. Our workflow system offers the following advantages:

  • Online portal where you can submit projects for translation and download completed content

  • Real-time project progress data by file and language

  • Flexible workflows by customer and project type so we can customize the steps your projects will follow and communicate with you automatically as much or as little as desired

  • Ability to manage your in-country review process, allowing reviewers to be automatically notified when content is available for review and to log in to make changes or enter review comments

  • Creation of translation memory that you own and can easily export in TMX format (we love it when clients work with SimulTrans forever, as many do, but don’t want to hold anyone hostage to us with inflexible tools)

  • Real live human people behind the computers.  Sure, it’s great to be able to find information online; but, we know you may want to talk or meet with a project manager regularly.  You probably also expect us to actively manage the projects to ensure schedules are on track.  We are all for it and love communicating with our clients.

  • No charges for the use of or access to our online systems.

The coolest part about translation memory is we only need to translate each segment of text once and it is then stored in a database. So, if you have an update or similar product to localize down the road, we can reuse the previously translated sentences, software strings, and other text elements. You only need to pay full price to translate new content = big savings of time and money!

[fa icon="plus-square"] What file formats does SimulTrans support?

SimulTrans supports a wide array of file formats for software strings, websites, and documentation. We most commonly receive XML files (and can create appropriate parsing rules based on your schema). For documentation, we see a good deal of projects in FrameMaker and InDesign. For software, we additionally receive files in text-based properties, PO, XLIFF, and many other formats.

Or, we can connect directly to clients’ content management systems to automatically receive content for translation through our workflow system.

Send us files in whatever format you have and we should be able to work with them.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How much does translation cost?

Since costs can vary significantly from one project to another, SimulTrans does not have standard rates. We typically provide pricing on a per-project basis, creating a customized proposal for each request, based on the analysis of a customer's localization needs.

Translation costs vary by language, typically corresponding to the cost of living in the target countries. For example, translation into Simplified Chinese is about a third of the cost of translation into Swedish.

We provide discounts based on repeated text and leveraging from the translation memory (in essence you only need to pay to translate content once, not again and again for each update).

Please use the “Get a Quote” form above to submit your files and we will be happy to provide a free and customized proposal with pricing for your project.