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SimulTrans provides high-quality translation and localization services for thousands of international clients across sectors.

Go global with SimulTrans.

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Go global with SimulTrans.

We don’t just translate. We customize globalization programs with translation, engineering, formatting, and quality assurance services for the localization of everything from user manuals to software applications.

Below are just some of the services we offer. Don’t see your content type or industry? Don’t worry. Book a meeting to learn how we can help.


Document translation

SimulTrans translates all types of print and web-based documents including user guides, technical manuals, help systems, marketing materials, and knowledgebase content. We also format and adjust the translated documents to match the original layout.

Software localization

Localizing software requires much more than translation. In order to create locale-specific versions of your application, our expert team will translate user interface strings, make refinements to controls and format, and conduct thorough testing with native speakers.

Website translation

SimulTrans localizes even the most complex, dynamic websites, adjusting nuanced creative content for international audiences. We also streamline the process by connecting our team to your content management system, where we can quickly receive content and insert translations into your localized sites.

Audio and video translation

Share your multimedia content with international audiences. We offer comprehensive audio and video localization services, including translating subtitles, transcribing existing content, recording professional voiceover, and even translating any on-screen text.

Medical translation

SimulTrans works with life science and medical device clients to help provide accurately translated materials to international patients and clinicians. We translate labeling, packaging, instructions for use, clinical trial materials, software interfaces, and other technical documentation.

eLearning translation

Give international users access to digital learning content with SimulTrans’ comprehensive services. We’re able to go beyond translation to record audio content, update animations, integrate localized content into your learning management system, and test translated courses.
I have used SimulTrans in the past and would always recommend that others use them. I am very satisfied. SimulTrans is a great company to work with, as always.

Thanks so much!
The account mgr. and project mgr. are a pleasure to work with. Always responsive to my questions and issues. I would rate everything as Excellent. SimulTrans is easy to work with, good communication and thorough work. And the timeliness was exactly as promised.
We work with many translation services because of contractual agreements with our clients. When we get to choose the translation vendor, we always choose SimulTrans because of the quality of the work and the project management.

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