Our Impact

Over 1 billion people benefit from SimulTrans’ translations. 

They use smartphones in Brazil, save lives in China, and build cars in Sweden.  They thwart computer viruses in Japan and fill movie theaters with sound in France.  They use elevators in the Czech Republic and schedule rides in Vietnam. 

SimulTrans enables our thousands of clients in a wide range of industries to reach millions of global customers in over 100 languages.

We localize software, translate documents, and globalize websites.  Beyond just translating text, we engineer and test localized software, format translated documents, and record audio for eLearning applications and marketing videos.

Our History

SimulTrans was founded in 1984, while Mark Homnack, Founder and CEO, was pursuing his Ph.D. in German Literature at Stanford University. Mark recognized the growing demand among local companies for professional translation services. Utilizing both Stanford University's resources and the multinational student community that existed there, Mark started a small business offering translation services to companies throughout Silicon Valley.

SimulTrans has grown to become one of the world's leading globalization firms, distinguished by its commitment to creating customized flexible solutions for each client.