About SimulTrans

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What we do

SimulTrans enables clients to reach global customers in over 100 languages. Worldwide, over one billion people benefit from SimulTrans’ translations.

We localize software, translate documents, and globalize websites. Beyond just translating text, we format translated documents, engineer and test localized software, and record audio for eLearning applications and marketing videos.

No matter the industry or application, you can count on our high-quality translation and localization solutions.

A message from our CEO

Unlike the majority of firms in our sector, SimulTrans is not in the commodity business of simply translating words. Instead, we focus on building long-term strategic relationships with clients.

Since 1984, we’ve been able to build and maintain these relationships because we continually evaluate and improve our processes and services — without losing our foundational focus on quality. Long-term customer relationships are why we are here, not short-term gains. We build to last.

We pride ourselves on our diverse localization-related services, experienced project managers, and technological superiority.

And unlike most of the world’s other ten largest globalization firms, SimulTrans is privately held and funded. We customize our solutions for client needs, so you can be confident that our priorities align closely with yours.

Mark Homnack,

Founder and CEO

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The SimulTrans story

While Founder and CEO Mark Homnack was pursuing his Ph.D. in German Literature at Stanford University, he recognized the growing demand among local companies for professional translation services.

Utilizing the university’s resources and multinational student community, Mark started a small business offering translation services to companies throughout Silicon Valley.

SimulTrans has since grown to become one of the world's leading globalization firms, distinguished by our commitment to creating customized, flexible solutions for each client.

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Our culture

Our workforce is a diverse, engaged, multinational group of individuals. Each team member is devoted to collaborating, locally and globally, to maintain and expand SimulTrans’ leadership in the language services sector.

We ensure all team members have the freedom and authority to make decisions that will delight our customers — no internal meeting, bureaucratic paperwork, or illogical process should ever prevent someone at SimulTrans from doing the right thing to please a client.

We care about families and work-life balance, and invest heavily in staff retention. Although SimulTrans has offices in highly competitive markets that are known for high staff turnover, our median employee tenure is over 12 years. Read more: Corporate Social Responsibility


Our leadership team

SimulTrans is proud to be a 100% management-owned company.

With an average of over 24 years at SimulTrans (and a minimum tenure of 17 years), these industry leaders know their stuff. They live and breathe localization, know every detail, speak your top target languages, and understand your technology.

Mark Homnack

Mark Homnack

Founder and CEO

Starting with $50 of "seed capital" from a Ph.D. fellowship, Mark transformed a simple vision into a thriving multinational company. Mark oversees SimulTrans’ global operations, and has led expansion efforts into localization, major accounts, and international markets.

Mark received his B.A. from Williams College, M.A. from Middlebury College, and Ph.D. (ABD) from Stanford University, studying language and literature. During his free time, he likes to travel and eat at ethnic restaurants, especially with his family.

Nina Homnack

Nina Homnack

Cofounder and Senior Vice President

Originally from Germany, Nina moved to Palo Alto in 1983, where she cared for patients at Stanford Hospital. While working as a physical therapist at Stanford, she helped her husband Mark shape SimulTrans, where she remains an active director.

After joining SimulTrans full time, Nina has fulfilled different roles, including pioneering the company's medical translation group. Nina is also a director at Deborah's Palm, a not-for-profit community for women, where she oversees the mentoring program that she founded in 2010.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones

President and COO

Adam manages and supports SimulTrans worldwide. He has directed the company's customer outreach efforts, internal production groups, and other operations since 1993. He previously worked in Strategic Accounts at Oracle Corporation.

Adam graduated from Stanford University, where he studied Public Policy with an emphasis on Education. He has remained connected to educational policy through involvement in local school governance and related non-profit organizations.

John Putzig

John Putzig

Chief Financial Officer

John has spent 28 years directing SimulTrans’ accounting and finance activities. John previously spent four years as the controller of a retail company and ten years as a Naval Officer in the geophysics community.

John holds a B.S. from the University of Idaho and a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in accounting from National University. In his leisure time, he enjoys archery, hiking, and camping, and is an avid supporter of the Red Cross.

Chiyoko Kikuchi

Chiyoko Kikuchi

Regional Vice President (Mountain View) | Managing Director, SimulTrans Japan

Chiyoko has been with the company since 2000. She is responsible for overseeing SimulTrans' West Coast and Japan Operations, including project management, translation management, localization engineering, desktop publishing, sales, and account management. She has the overall responsibility of making sure production quality exceeds clients' expectations.

Before localization, Chiyoko spent 10 years at Korn/Ferry International in Tokyo. She holds a law degree from Sophia University.

Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly

Regional Vice President (Dublin)

Ken joined SimulTrans in 1998 and oversees the European Operations team, including project management, translation, engineering, quality assurance, multilingual publishing, and account management.

Ken wields significant localization knowledge and experience. He previously worked at Berlitz as a Senior Project Manager, and as Sales and Marketing Manager at CITIS. He enjoys traveling, sports (including coaching youth soccer), and spending time with his family.

Li-Jiuan Jang

Li-Jiuan Jang

Regional Vice President (Boston)

With SimulTrans since 2005, Li-Jiuan directs and participates actively in sales and operations. Previously, Li-Jiuan honed her eLearning and project management skills for the international market at Thomson Course Technology (now Cengage Learning).

A native of Taiwan, Li-Jiuan holds a bachelor's degree from National Chengchi University and a master’s degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University. The mother of two daughters, she is a dedicated supporter of the Boston Ballet School.

Margarita Núñez

Margarita Núñez

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Margarita spearheads SimulTrans' Digital Marketing and Business Development Programs, focusing on developing digital marketing strategies that support business growth.

With SimulTrans since 2000, Margarita also volunteers for Women in Localization, a global non-profit organization. A native of Spain, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in History of Art and a Master of Arts in European Studies.

Robert Flanagan

Robert Flanagan

Director, Finance (Dublin) | Managing Director, SimulTrans Germany and Spain

Robert’s responsibilities include finance, resource management, HR, IT, business support, planning, and real estate. Robert led SimulTrans' acquisition of Delta International CITS GmbH in 2016 and continues to serve as a Managing Director for SimulTrans in Germany.

Robert joined SimulTrans in 2004. He’s worked in finance for many diverse operations, including Control Techniques Ireland (a member of the Emerson Group), Allianz, and IBM. Robert is a qualified accountant and a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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