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Translation of EdTech

[fa icon="calendar"] May 26, 2020 / by Luma Mendes

EdTech translation

We can say that the COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. It is obvious that this pandemic is and will keep impacting our lives in several different ways. The way we do things have changed during this pandemic, like the way we shop, communicate, work, but especially the way we study.


Education technology or EdTech is everything from the use of computers to teach children how to read, math, or geography; to the submission of homework online by a parent. The technology can be anything from mobile learning applications, gamification, or virtual reality.

Crisis Can Also Mean Opportunity

Before this pandemic, some schools and universities were already trying to modernize their course content and invest in new ways of delivering courses using Learning Management Systems (LMS). But this was happening slowly, and as annual budgets allowed. This pandemic and the cancelation of school until September 2020 in many countries, has accelerated the adoption of eLearning technologies in the EdTech sector.

This crisis has forced schools, universities, and institutions, in the EdTech sector to invest in eLearning technology, so they can deliver online education to millions of students world-wide, so they can complete their current courses in this academic year.

eLearning is Here to Stay

The demand for tools and platforms that help deliver educational courses online has experienced an exponential growth (like the virus itself). More and more, teachers are forced to deliver their courses online, using any tools available to them in their country, and most importantly in their language.

These tools vary from computer-based admin systems, to simplify and modernize the way principals run schools, to tools for parents to upload completed homework for teachers to correct. Since the quarantine started, any tools that aid online learning like zoom for teacher/ student meetings, or Aladdin Connect, for teachers to send homework, have gained millions of new users.

To capitalize on the quick adoption of eLearning by parents, students, and teachers (and be prepared for future crisis) some schools will continue to use eLearning as a methodology to deliver courses to students into the future; especially for third level education and continuous professional development.

Translation is the Key

Companies that provide hardware, software, platforms, or courseware to facilitate eLearning to the EdTech sector, should consider translation of their products and services to increase global sales.
While releasing new courses to their portfolios or expanding the number of options their users have is great, offering these in the language that the end user understands, will be what will attract new customers.

Having the software well localized will aid a teacher deliver classes more efficiently. Having the course content translated will make it easier to understand for the student. Investing in translation will make all the difference in the world for parents, students, and teachers.

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Luma Mendes

Written by Luma Mendes

Luma is part of the SimulTrans’ Account Management Team in Dublin. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and has a background in Marketing and Sales. Luma seeks to build strong relationships with clients and help them to grown on their business strategy. When she is not working or studying, she is reading or having a chat with her friends with a cup of tea.