Translation Memory

Reduce Costs and Improve Consistency with Translation Memory Built by SimulTrans

Translation memory is a database of the translations created by human translators. As translators work, SimulTrans stores each segment of text they translate in a database, linking the source language with the target language segments.

The primary benefit of translation memory is its ability to reuse previous translations for updates or similar projects. When translation is requested for a software string, documentation sentence, or other text segment that has been translated previously for the same client, the translation can be retrieved and reused. This offers you several benefits:

  • Accelerated project schedule
  • Reduced translation expense
  • Increased consistency

You own your translation memory. SimulTrans will store and manage your translation memory for all your projects. At any time, you may request translation memory files, as we provide the ownership of translation memory assets to our clients at no additional charge. We are happy to provide your memory repository whenever requested, in an accessible format, such as TMX, an XML-based standard used for the storage of translation memory.


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