Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation with Post-Editing Reduces Costs without Sacrificing Quality

SimulTrans uses Neural Machine Translation technology with post-editing by professional human translators for selected projects, allowing you to save money and time, while achieving high quality translations. Machine Translation is the use of а computer to translate text from a source language to a target language.

SimulTrans integrates Machine Translation into a traditional translation memory workflow for optimal leverage and effective post-editing. Experienced linguists immediately customize and optimize the Machine Translation engine on the fly as they post-edit the raw Machine Translation output, thereby systematically providing corrective human feedback for instant and continuous improvement of the Machine Translation system.

We have even found the quality to be better than human translation in some cases. This is mainly due to the consistency in terminology and style, which is where Machine Translation really excels. Machine Translation is a very effective form of terminology management, as the human translator/post-editor is being guided to use the correct terminology.


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