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What Is Translation Memory? (Video)

[fa icon="calendar"] July 3, 2013 / by Adam Jones

SimulTrans often hears "What Is Translation Memory?" Though our clients all benefit from translation memory technology, some people are not familiar with its use and benefits.

To answer this question, SimulTrans' COO, Adam Jones, has created a video presentation.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Translation Memory
  • Benefits of Translation Memory
  • Examples of segments of text and file parsing
  • Differences between server- and desktop-based translation tools
  • Glimpse of one interface used by translators

Don't worry--this video is not a sales presentation.


Topics: Localization Technology, Translation Services

Adam Jones

Written by Adam Jones

As the COO of SimulTrans, Adam oversees the company's worldwide operations, including project management, translation, engineering, testing, multilingual publishing, account management, sales, and marketing. Adam has spent over 20 years directing the company's customer outreach efforts, internal production groups, and other operations. Adam previously worked in Strategic Accounts at Oracle Corporation and as a high school English teacher. Adam graduated from Stanford University, where he studied Public Policy with an emphasis on Education. He remains connected to educational policy through active involvement in his sons' school district and related non-profit organizations.