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Cleantech Industry Breaks Barriers with Translations

[fa icon="calendar"] April 30, 2019 / by Margarita Núñez


It has become increasingly clear in recent years that Cleantech (Clean Technology) is the future of technology. As this industry’s products and services continue to become radically less expensive, this is a critical moment for Cleantech companies to establish a strong global presence with comprehensive, translated documentation.

What Is Cleantech?

Cleantech, or clean technology, refers to new technological developments that offer an efficient, escalable, earth-friendly alternative to old-fashioned products and processes. Cleantech seems to be an investment philosophy that is used mostly by investors who choose environmentally friendly companies. Companies that claim to be Cleantech firms, seek to minimize negative effects on the environment. The most prominent of these innovations are new energy generation methods such as solar, wind and hydroelectric, but Cleantech can also encompass things like vertical farming and lab-grown meats that help reduce ecological devastation in less direct ways. Supplementary supplies such as batteries and water filtration systems may also qualify. The key criterion is that the innovation in question gives society a minimally disruptive way to live a more environmentally conscious existence. 

As current projections posit that green energy solutions may be less expensive than fossil fuels as early as 2020, and countries continue to set ambitious renewable energy use targets for dates as early as 2030, we can assume that more companies and investor will choose cleaner technologies.

Why is it Important?

To say Cleantech is important is an understatement – it is necessary for humanity to secure a stable and viable future. Possibly the most pressing issue facing humanity as a whole at the moment is the looming threat of climate change. According to NASA, the current scientific consensus is that global temperatures will rise between 2.5 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the next hundred years. Cleantech offers people a better way without sacrificing many of the modern comforts of a first-world nation, making it a particularly attractive solution.

The Vital Role of Information

Cleantech is a new and growing field that many people, from buyers and investors to the general public, do not know much about. Cleantech companies also need the support of both these groups in order to continue gaining traction over established market alternatives. Many individuals and institutions are willing to take action to combat ecological decline, but they must first understand what they can do and how big of an impact that choice will make. It is therefore imperative that Cleantech companies not only promote the existence of Cleantech options, but also provide information regarding the specifics of what these technologies can do and how their use can help contribute to ongoing conservation efforts.

Breaking Barriers With Translation

As discussed above, consumers and legislators must not only be told that sustainable technology is the best choice, but be able to do the appropriate research and come to that conclusion on their own. This cannot happen if they are unable to read published materials due to a language barrier. Publishing press releases, research and other documentation in a wide variety of languages allows the information a Cleantech firm produces to make its way into the public consciousness all over the world.

Using a professional translation service like SimulTrans ensures that the accuracy of the technical documentation is preserved and that the prose itself is both highly readable and grammatically flawless.

With a good quality translation process in place, Cleantech firms can rest assured that their content can be read and understood by all audiences across the globe - and that with it, society can strive to create a greener tomorrow.

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Margarita Núñez

Written by Margarita Núñez

Margarita is SimulTrans' Director, Global Marketing. She spearheads SimulTrans' Digital Marketing Strategy by creating, managing, and publishing content for inbound and outbound campaigns across multiple channels. Margarita has more than 25 years of experience in sales and management for the localization industry. She has been involved in many localization organizations, currently serving as a Program Director for Membership for Women in Localization, a non-profit global organization.