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7 Reasons to Push Your Case for International Marketing [Infographic]

[fa icon="calendar"] June 24, 2015 / by Lorna Franklin

For corporations with limitless budgets, international marketing must be child’s play, right? So why should smaller companies even bother entering the big pond, only to risk getting eaten by the bigger fish?
The explosion of the internet and technology means the traditional barriers to cross border trade are becoming a thing of the past, and digital marketing is coming up trumps over traditional marketing methods; so reaching more consumers through international marketing is now easier and more affordable.

It is no longer a matter of if you should go global with your marketing strategy but when and what approach will work best for you. It should be liberating for all of you humble marketers out there to know that companies big and small now have the chance to compete against each other on the global stage, where the smallest of tweaks in your approach can make the biggest difference in ROI.

Consumers are searching globally and your competitors are most certainly marketing globally, bringing multilingual SEO and localization to the forefront of their marketing strategies... so it is your right to take a slice of the pie. After all, the pie is huge, there´s plenty to go round.

Remember, having an international brand doesn't mean it's time to line up the troops for world domination; it's important to know where you stand in the market, where there is room for your business overseas and what will work for you and your budget in order to reach your customers there.

Your global profile is no longer enforced by how many languages your brand speaks and how many people you reach, but how well you engage with your target audience in their native language.

Here's a little infographic with seven very powerful statistics which should convince you, my fair marketers (and more importantly, your boss) that right now is the perfect time to start your voyage overseas taking your marketing strategy with you.

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Global marketing Infographic


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Lorna Franklin

Written by Lorna Franklin

In 2009, Lorna's love for languages inspired her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Intercultural studies with French and Spanish, in Dublin City University (DCU). During her degree, she spent a year living in Granada, Spain which truly re-enforced her passion for the Spanish language and culture.