AI audio and voiceover services

SimulTrans leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate audio and voiceovers for all content types in 100+ languages.


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Innovative AI audio solutions

SimulTrans harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to convert text to audio or create voiceovers that mirror the original voice's tone and style.

With a diverse array of AI generated voice options at your fingertips, this service is designed for efficiency and speed, perfect for limited budgets or when time is of the essence.

Our dedicated teams can transcribe and translate scripts, convert text to audio, record voiceovers for videos, and test before publishing.

No matter the industry or application, you can count on our high-quality AI generated voiceover services.

AI voices for audio content

SimulTrans can convert written text into spoken words using AI generated voices (also known as synthetic voices) for your international users. After translation, our technology converts text to audio that sounds like a human voice. 

Explore the potential of incorporating AI generated audio into your next project. This technology is cost-effective, quick, and well-suited for internal content, audiobooks, voice assistants, podcasts, or phone systems for call centers. 

Click and listen to our audio samples, featuring both male and female AI generated voices, to help you evaluate if this technology is for you.

If the language you're searching for is not on the listContact us and we'll provide you with a sample audio file.

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AI voices for video voiceovers

SimulTrans employs AI voice generators, that use deep learning algorithms to craft natural-sounding voices. Our service transforms your video's existing audio track by seamlessly integrating the AI generated voice. Our team integrates the audio into the video along with any translated subtitles, on-screen text, or graphics as required. 

AI voiceovers are ideal for a wide range of applications, from marketing videos and eLearning courses to in-depth training modules and documentaries.

Click and watch our video samples, featuring both male and female AI-generated voiceovers,  and evaluate their potential for your next project.

Seeking voiceovers in other languages? Contact us for language options to meet your project needs and target audience.

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SimulTrans makes audio localization easy


We convert translated text to audio using computer-generated synthetic voices.



We use cutting-edge editing tools to convert digital sound and time recordings to match animations.

We return 100% localized videos, complete with voiceover, music, subtitles, on-screen text, and graphics.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an AI generated voice?

AI generated voice is a cutting-edge technology that transforms written text into spoken words using synthetic voices.

Our technology takes input text and creates audio output that mimics a human voice. It is useful with accessibility for visually impaired individuals, navigation systems, and virtual assistants.

What are AI voiceovers? 

AI voiceovers are created using cutting-edge voice-generating technology. This technology utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to produce speech that is remarkably natural and human-like. Using synthetic voices is cost-effective and time-efficient, offering a more budget-friendly alternative to hiring professional voice actors. 

What file formats are needed for audio localization?

If you’re looking to have an audio file localized, then you would need to provide us with the audio file in any format, examples include:

  • mp3

  • wav

  • aif

What file formats are needed for video localization?

If you’re looking to have a video localized, then you would need to provide us with the source video files, some of the most popular formats are:

  • avi
  • mov
  • mp4
  • wmv
  • flv 

We’re ready for your next audio or voiceover project.