Schedule estimates

SimulTrans can meet your deadline

Need to release your product internationally tomorrow, next week, next month? Just let us know the date we need to hit and we will use our vast and scalable international team to make it happen.

SimulTrans has assigned translation teams with as many as 50 translators per language and has provided throughput rates of over 500,000 words per language per week.


Small project schedule estimates

For your assistance in planning, we have prepared a table of typical schedule estimates for smaller projects.
If you want a faster turnaround, please let us know!

Word count per language

Without formatting

With formatting

1 – 2,000

3–5 business days

4–6 business days

2,001 – 4,000

4–6 business days

5–7 business days

4,001 – 6,000

5–7 business days

6–8 business days

6,001 – 8,000

6–8 business days

8–10 business days

8,001 – 10,000

7–9 business days

9–12 business days

10,001 – 20,000

2–3 weeks

3–4 weeks

20,001 – 30,000

3–4 weeks

4–5 weeks

30,001 – 50,000

3–5 weeks

4–6 weeks

over 50,000

SimulTrans routinely translates projects well over 50,000 words.
Please ask your SimulTrans Account Manager or Project Manager for a customized project schedule.


Scheduling assumptions

Multiple target languages are handled simultaneously, so generally adding more languages does not require significantly more time. For example, applying the schedule above, a file with 5,000 words would take 5–7 business days to translate into one target language or ten target languages.

The turnaround times above assume one translator and one reviewer for projects with up to 30,000 words and two translators and one reviewer for projects with over 30,000 words. SimulTrans can add more translators and reviewers if necessary to accelerate a schedule.

Translation throughput is estimated at 2,000 words per day per language. Review is estimated at 6,000 words per day per language. Formatting is estimated at a rate of 36 pages per day per language. At least one day for analysis and set-up and one day for delivery are included in all schedule estimates above; these could likely be waived if necessary, depending on project specifications and capacity.

Get a customized schedule for your project

If a project must be completed faster, please just ask and SimulTrans can likely do it at no additional charge!