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Stefan Thiele

Stefan serves as Business Development Manager, he develops SimulTrans’ co-operations in German speaking countries. He lives with his family near our office in Bonn. He considers Indonesia as his secret homeland. Professionally, Stefan has worked in the sales and marketing industry in Germany and Europe for over 10 years. He uses his professional experience in trade, healthcare and automotive industries to find localization solutions for our business partners.

Recent Posts

Translation of Health and Safety Solutions

[fa icon="calendar'] August 13, 2020 / by Stefan Thiele posted in Documentation Translation

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Nowadays, Health and Safety solutions are common or taken for granted in many parts of the developed world. For instance, better-lit offices, properly ventilated factories, enclosed high-security areas, and personal protective equipment (PPE), are the direct result of the efforts of many companies and experts working in the field of health and safety.

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How Translation Solves 3 Main Threats to Startups

[fa icon="calendar'] June 13, 2019 / by Stefan Thiele posted in Software Localization

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To be successful in business you need to venture abroad; but international success requires foresight. Because American startups can readily tap into a billion-dollar market without having to translate their offering, it does not mean that European Startups can do the same. If you wish to export abroad, you can only do so successfully if you invest in translation.

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5 Tips for Chinese Localization

[fa icon="calendar'] April 25, 2018 / by Stefan Thiele posted in Translation Services

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In the country with the most residents on earth, people are spending more and more money. Today 56 percent of all Chinese are using the Internet. According to a study by McKinsey, the middle class alone will grow to about 400 million people by 2020. This new driving force will have an enormous impact on the global economy.

Have you already considered the potential of the Chinese market?

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