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Luma Mendes

Luma is part of the SimulTrans’ Account Management Team in Dublin. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and has a background in Marketing and Sales. Luma seeks to build strong relationships with clients and help them to grown on their business strategy. When she is not working or studying, she is reading or having a chat with her friends with a cup of tea.

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Advantages of Corporate eLearning

[fa icon="calendar'] March 13, 2019 / by Luma Mendes posted in Software Localization

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I have always found, upon welcoming a new employee, that one of the hardest things to accomplish was his /her initial training. Not just the daily training sessions, but the entire initial on-boarding and corporate training phase which can go on for months depending on the size and type of company; taking a lot of my time away from my core tasks.

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Increase your UX in eLearning by Avoiding these 3 Pitfalls

[fa icon="calendar'] August 27, 2018 / by Luma Mendes posted in Software Localization

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Technological advances and a significant improvement in the delivery of reliable internet to millions of homes have created a better eLearning service for students and a more positive user experience (UX), i.e. how a person interacts and experiences a product.

However, despite these advances, there are a few pitfalls that eLearning companies should avoid.

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Market favors eLearning Education

[fa icon="calendar'] August 13, 2018 / by Luma Mendes posted in Translation Services

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I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of distance courses because I like the feeling of sitting in a classroom - even those where the desks are not so comfortable! I feel pleasure in being in a classroom, seeing the students side by side, whispering softly to each other so as not to disturb the teacher. However, despite being a huge fan of the traditional classes, I have become an even bigger fan of eLearning courses.

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