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David Quilligan

David works as a member of the Engineering team in SimulTrans and has been working in the Localization Industry for almost 15 years. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Software Localization from the University of Limerick along with a B.A in Business Administration from John Moores University. David has a keen interest in the areas of Automation, Cloud computing, Translation Management Systems and Programming.

Recent Posts

What are .PO files?

[fa icon="calendar'] March 29, 2018 / by David Quilligan posted in Website Translation

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If you are considering translating your website and hosting your translated online content using a CMS (Content Management System) and a CMS plugin, keep reading, this blog is for you.

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YAML – Ain't Markup Language

[fa icon="calendar'] December 11, 2017 / by David Quilligan posted in Software Localization

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With the emergence of CMS and the move towards cloud based technologies, we are seeing a change in the type of file formats we work with for software localization: SCON, JSON and YML to name just a few are becoming increasingly popular.

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5 Most Common App Localization Questions

[fa icon="calendar'] February 6, 2017 / by David Quilligan posted in Localization Technology, Translation Services

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App localization can seem like a daunting and complicated task, particularly if you are new to it! Here are the top five questions we get asked most frequently by our clients for app localization projects:

  1. What type of files do I need to send to my language service provider?
  2. What tools are used for app localization?
  3. What are the most typical app localization issues in a project?
  4. How do you test a localized app?
  5. What do I request back from my language service provider?
Read on to find out the answers!

Or just click and get a free pseudo translation for your file:

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