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David Quilligan

David works as a member of the Engineering team in SimulTrans and has been working in the Localization Industry for almost 15 years. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Software Localization from the University of Limerick along with a B.A in Business Administration from John Moores University. David has a keen interest in the areas of Automation, Cloud computing, Translation Management Systems and Programming.

Recent Posts

Integrating your CMS & TMS via Connectors

[fa icon="calendar'] July 22, 2020 / by David Quilligan posted in Localization Technology, Software Localization

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Do you store your files in a GitHub or Bitbucket repository and are wondering about the most effective way to get that content translated? Do you use WordPress to host your web content and want information about getting it localized? Perhaps you are considering the move to a CMS in the future and want to understand how this will fit with your current localization strategy. Whatever stage you are at, we at SimulTrans can help.

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What are .PO files?

[fa icon="calendar'] March 29, 2018 / by David Quilligan posted in Website Translation

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If you are considering translating your website and hosting your translated online content using a CMS (Content Management System) and a CMS plugin, keep reading, this blog is for you.

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YAML – Ain't Markup Language

[fa icon="calendar'] December 11, 2017 / by David Quilligan posted in Software Localization

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With the emergence of CMS and the move towards cloud based technologies, we are seeing a change in the type of file formats we work with for software localization: SCON, JSON and YML to name just a few are becoming increasingly popular.

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5 Most Common App Localization Questions

[fa icon="calendar'] February 6, 2017 / by David Quilligan posted in Localization Technology, Translation Services

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App localization can seem like a daunting and complicated task, particularly if you are new to it! Here are the top five questions we get asked most frequently by our clients for app localization projects:

  1. What type of files do I need to send to my language service provider?
  2. What tools are used for app localization?
  3. What are the most typical app localization issues in a project?
  4. How do you test a localized app?
  5. What do I request back from my language service provider?
Read on to find out the answers!

Or just click and get a free pseudo translation for your file:

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