What is pseudo translation? 

It is a localization technique that can help you spot a host of potential problems on your files before you decide to start localizing your product.

How does it work?

When you send us your file it will be modified to simulate or mimic a foreign language by adding foreign-language characters, expanding the text, etc. as seen below.  

pseudo translation..jpg


Why should I do it?

It will help you plan better by knowing in advance the amount of engineering effort required to fix localization specific issues.

What type of issues will I uncover?

  • Hard coded strings
  • Overlapping text and graphics
  • Text expansion
  • Layout or display issues
  • Truncated strings
  • Over Localization
  • Incorrect text direction (bi-di) languages


Send us 1 file and tell us what language you are going to localize into.

We will perform the pseudo translation free of charge and send you the file back populated with pseudo-translated text.

That simple!

Get a free pseudo translation