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Globalization Consulting

SimulTrans' globalization consultants train clients in current internationalization methods, balance internal and partner strengths, and create long-term global strategies.

Benefits for You

By working with SimulTrans, you will benefit from the following globalization consulting advantages:
  • Scalable strategy that meets both short- and long-term goals
  • Integration of a single code base that will function correctly in all international locales
  • Cooperative education, training, and advice
  • Increased knowledge, resources, revenue, and presence

The Consulting Team

The consultants at SimulTrans have backgrounds in all disciplines of globalization, localization, and internationalization. They are former project managers, professors, software engineers, linguists, business development executives, and desktop publishers. Each brings an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the client’s individual needs, working cooperatively throughout all phases of a project’s strategy, development, and planning.


The consulting team at SimulTrans respects the knowledge and experience of every client, while offering new insight into methods for educating staff, training managers, and developing both immediate project and long-term goals. The level of interaction and format of training is determined cooperatively by the client and SimulTrans’ consultants, and is always open to reevaluation and change, if necessary.

SimulTrans’ consultants help clients understand that well-internationalized products equal cost-effective timely launches, and greater chance for sustained success. Most software, for example, does not account for character set differences or changes in date and time formats. Proper internationalization eliminates those potential pitfalls. The ultimate goal at SimulTrans is to help clients create a true internationalization solution—one that reaches the world with a single, universal code base.


SimulTrans helps clients reach their goals in several specialized areas. The company’s consultants offer group and individual training, and cooperative problem solving in software internationalization and testing, documentation design and author training, multilingual website design and maintenance, and localization project management.


SimulTrans is a global leader in internationalization consulting. The process of designing and developing products that support the local languages and cultural preferences of international users is an important one, and is proving to be a profitable investment for companies reaching out to new local and global markets. SimulTrans’ consultants have helped lead companies from many industries into new target markets.